The birth of Light and supple textile jewelry


Like a knit lace-shaped necklace and bracelet, piercings, the details are made of "thread ball" and embroidery which overlap threads in a number of spheres. It is an original accessory of Kasamori's brand "000" (Triple Ou).

"Kasamori" in Kiryu-shi, Gumma Prefecture, which has been prospering with fabric for a long time, was founded as a textile industry of kimono belt, then evolved into the embroidery industry.

Since then, in parallel with Japanese style embroidery, one point embroidery for fashion brands and such, works on various embroidery have been through trial and error to develop original embroidery technologies.

In 2006, an original technique "Kasamori lace" is developed. It is not a woven nor knitted. It is a special lace of multicolor made by crochet. Application of this technology led to the birth of the brand "000" in 2010.

Combining high-tech embroidery machines and handicrafts creates a thread only lace without using a core. The attractive texture of delicate threads and surprising lightness is tightly packed but has an elasticity and no worry for metal allergies.

The brand name "000", derives from the concept "to create new value from zero" with a strong feeling for manufacturing and thinking without boundary.

The 3 elements of 000


Metallic yarn with a sparkle of precious metal, yet it is thread. We use various materials such as fine silk, blended thread of silk and glossy material. By changing the recipe of making threads according to the shapes and parts to be created, we stick to original materials.


"Kasamori" started as a Kimono belt warehouse. We have been involved in textiles for 140 years. Our experience, craftsmanship, and considerable knowledge of yarn are included in each product. We finish it manipulating needles and thread at will.


With a free idea, we are pursuing new possibilities created from threads. Aiming at a simple and timeless but unique form, we are proposing long-loved designs.