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SPHERE collar

¥12,500 Incl. Tax:

A detachable collar-type necklace with an elegant texture unique to thread

This detachable-type necklace has its thread beads arranged like an array of pearls around the collar.

By precisely arranging all thread beads with lamé thread, each one appears distinct from the others.

The necklace weighs only 27g.

Weight : 27g

Size : 50㎝

Material : Cupra, Polyester

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【Permanent repair correspondence】
We want you to be one of our customers for a very long time so we will take of any after-care in good faith.
One of our craftsman will manually complete any repair work needed, such as frayed or hooked threading.
Please feel free to contact us.
* Depending on the condition, repair may be impossible, so we ask for your understanding. 
* Besides the initial defect or repair, customers will bear the cost of shipping.

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